minimalism & hygge


Minimalism is more than only decluttered drawers and some clean table tops. It’s a kind of a life style, the way you value things in live.

Somehow I always thought that minimalism is a clean house with a clean, cold family, which sounds pretty boring. And while I’m discovering the minimalistic lifestyle, I noticed it’s so much broader than that.

If you focus less on your belongings, you will automatically focus more on the world around you. You start appreciate the nature, your family, your friends, the time you spend together, the talks, the joy of playing together, or hiking in nature, or just baking a pie, or just a calm sit down.

And that’s exactly what hygge is about. Lately you can read a lot about it. The word comes from Denmark and means a bit like cosy, but it’s so much more than that.
You can ‘hygge’ alone, with a warm plaid, some hot chocolate milk and a candle. Or you hygge with friends, spending evenings by a fire place. Or ‘hygge’ with your kids, doing some crafts together. Most Danish incorporated hygge in their interior, with nice relax seatings, some candles, some sheepskins, some cushions, woolen rugs on the floor and some green plants to have some nature inside. You already pictured it right?

And the funny thing is, this is exactly what minimalism does for me. Instead of being clean and cold, it feels warm and welcoming.

If you like to read more about ‘hygge’, the book of Meike Wiking – Hygge, is nice and inspiring. 

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