Recently a lot of people around us are moving.
The financial situation appears to look better, so bigger houses are bought. As a kid I moved a lot, think my eldest brother went to four different primary schools. But after studying I did less. We lived for a long time in a super nice apartment with a big roof terrace which we renovated twice when the kids came.


Five years ago we moved to the place we still live. Instead of going to a bigger apartment, we fell in love with a smaller place. An adorable house, an old apartment in the docklands, still in the city, an ideal neighborhood,  fantastic view, close to work, good schools etc.   Everyone around us was surprised, we had a beautiful renovated apartment, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, a walk in closet, lots of square meters and we gave that up to move to a smaller house still in the city with just a terrace and no garden.

Luckily my husband and I share the same opinion, we both grew up on the countryside, but we need city live around us. We like to follow lectures, we love the libraries, the art museums, the endless craft workshops for our kids, the brilliant mix of people, the nice dinners spots, the art house movies, the endless energy that a city gives us.
We didn’t feel like we need a bigger place, the water around the new home gave a hint of space. Nor didn’t we want to make our ecological footprint bigger.


But now when everyone around us start moving again, I’m reconsidering. I have a lot of talks with friends about it, they’re telling me they need a bigger home. And I’m just listening as I don’t want to be the one that’s judging their life style. Must say, the idea of having a country house is still attracting, but more in a poetic kind of way then in a real live  way. And while I’m dreaming sometimes of a bit more space, the idea of moving to a bigger house in the suburbs, still doesn’t feel right.  As we start owning less  and less stuff,  I don’t see why we need a bigger space.

So why I’m some times in doubt, is it because everyone around us is doing it, because we don’t have that many soulmates that understand us, is it because we love the city live that much, or do we really need bigger spaces but then just empty ?

illustration: Henn Kim

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