capsule collection, 333 project



Almost a year I’m following the 333 project. For people who don’t know it, it’s invented by Courtney Carver ( ) and it means that you wear 33 pieces of clothing in 3 months. After 3 months you shuffle a bit around to have again 33 pieces for the upcoming season.
The 33 pieces includes, footwear and outerwear but no sports, sleeping or underwear.


Depends a bit of where you live, but this how I made up the season;
Winter: December, January, February
Spring: March, April, May
Summer: June, July, August
Fall: September, October, November


While I was reading about it and saw some pictures on social media I got excited. Because  I’ve been listed for a small period what  I actually was wearing, I knew that 33 pieces should be enough. Therefor I  just gave myself a year to try it out. After that, I would make up my mind if it’s worth to continue or not.


So last year I started with the winter season. And I must say, yes what a relief it was. Only having a few good pieces on the rack, no morning troubles of what to wear, no unnecessary shopping anymore, being very keen on what stays and what not, somehow it worked for me,  (although had some start up issues, which I will share later). In spring season I  extended the 333 project on my partner and on our kids wardrobe.


And now almost the year is gone, meaning I have to make up my mind, and yes I’m gonna continue. But now comes the hardest part, I did sell and donate lot of my clothes, but still stored some favorite ones which I couldn’t say goodbye to. But now I realize they don’t fit the 33 anymore, so it’s time to say goodbye. ( or maybe I can find somehow an excuse …)
 picture: my personal capsule collection,  Fall 2017

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