Marie Kondo



Two years ago I read Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying. After thatI started with decluttering our house. Or to be honest, the book read so easily and made so much sense, that I already start while reading.


I didn’t exactly copy paste the book. We don’t have a spare room, so we couldn’t pile all our books, gadgets or other nice arty stuff, somewhere separate. Nor we didn’t had (or made) the time to do so. And most of the folding part I skipped as well, not patience enough.
But it didn’t effect the essence. When decluttering the house, your mind somehow also declutters. It gives some relief, some extra air to breath.


During the years we collect so much stuff which was sometimes hard to let go. The sentence in the book  ‘ does it spark joy ?’ helped.  Especially the word ‘ sparkle’. The fact that an object can sparkle ( whether it’s joy or another emotion) says a lot. Most of the objects don’t sparkle, but when an object is that strong that it gives emotion (and not being just fancy or nice), it’s probably worth keeping.


Another tip to ‘store your belongs near the space where you use it’  helped us as well. The kids automatically dumped their shoes and school bags where they should be. We have less floating toys, we have fixed spot for all our belongings and the kids almost tidy up their rooms themselves. ( yes almost, they’re not angels)


We end up with an organized home, not minimalistic though. But a home free from distraction. A home that’s not overloaded anymore, but just feels tailor made for us.
illustration: Yuko Uramoto

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