love making lists


Getting insights


After reading Neil Bormann, I started a diary for three months. A listed journal of what I dragged into the house besides the daily groceries.

I was shocked, I somehow thought I was conscious, but confronted with these lists, I could definitely see I wasn’t. I bought shoes, which I already had more than enough,  three scented candles, but only lighted one. Cushion covers, cause somehow our interior needed a change, new underwear for the kids, cause apparently there were no clean ones in their drawers etc, etc.

Next to that, I listed for three months every item I was wearing during that period. My findings; thought I loved dresses, but if I only wore them 3 times, and always the same, why did I own more then 20 different dresses ? ( in this flow, I own more than enough for the upcoming 5 years). Why did I own 5 pair of sneakers if I only wore 2 of them? And why is my favorite sweater, my favorite one, if I only wore it twice?

Getting insights on my shopping behavior helped me a lot to become more conscious on my consumption. So if you think about decluttering or going drastically on a shopping diet. I always would suggest to start having a close look on your normal consumption pattern. After being faced with your own behavior, you probably know we’re to start.

I started with a ‘ buy no clothes for the upcoming 6 months’ challenge.
Although struggling in the beginning, I just confronted myself with the lists. And by doing so, it went more easily along the way. I end up extending the challenge another 6 months.

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