the privilege of minimalism

Lately I’ve read some negative articles about the privilege of minimalism;

Articles about inappropriate proudness of people who are capable of owning a minimalistic house with some well placed design furniture. Articles about the luxury that the most of us have in the Western world; the ability to choose for a more minimalistic lifestyle. Cause it’s not that we don’t own any possessions or that we cannot afford anything. But we have options to choose; shall we spend our money on nice stuff, or on nice experiences, or shall we spend less and go for a more meaningful live and brag about it.

And yes, I totally agree that I feel privileged that I have those options.
Cause honestly I don’t think that a bigger house  or a bigger car,  or more bathrooms will bring me more meaning, but I also don’t think that the opposite ( small house, no cars ) will give me automatically a more meaningful life.


I think in the end, it’s about what we give and take from the earth. (yes, I’m starting to become more and more sustainable in my behavior). So the fact that we can choose for a big or a small ecological footprint. To have that option; to go for less,  I don’t see that as negative at all. It gives me a luxury feel, and yes that’s a privilege.

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