It’s almost year ago that I posted something.

The past year has been interesting; instead of posting, and looking for visual inspiration, I’ve continued my search in decluttering and dived deeper into the minimalistic lifestyle.

I won’t call my self a minimalist yet, but I’m very attracted to the idea of ‘having less is more’. So the past year me and my family start consuming less and start experience more. It’s a new journey, nice and difficult though, as we’re so used to consuming that adapting a new routine will take a while to set in our mind (…and we’re not there yet.)

Last week I couldn’t help overhear a family conversation of a friend. Her kids were begging for new toys and she promises them to go to the mall that afternoon.
And at that moment I realize my kids are not begging for toys anymore, they rather go play outside than to a shopping mall.

And then it hit’s me, our journey has begun.

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