VT wonen ( a dutch interior magazine) is organizing a blog contest and I’ m in doubt if I should apply, writing about interiors & still struggling about consuming less….

Today I went to the dutch design week. I saw that as well the organisators as the designers have mixed feelings about our overgrown world. Most of the presented designs are smart projects with an honest way of making and no rest material, mostly focusing on health, experience and well being.
Still you saw some designs that were just nice interior accessories, exist out of lovely ceramics or textiles. They felt old fashioned between all those new hypes.

But for the first time these accessories didn’t make me greedy anymore.
Cause when presented in this high tech environment  these accessories are like pearls. And I realize how much I love those pearls and how much of those pearls I have at home, and that I don’t need to buy more as too many pearls will look like ordinary white balls.

And the blog contest? Yes I will join, as I still like to share my love about the pearls but  also showing my struggle, cause after today I realize that I’m not the only one who is struggling….

 picture: no waist @ Austeja Platukyte – DDW

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